Vision & Mission

NW Musikon is a focus school for the development of music; registered at the Department of Education. We believe in assisting each student to achieve his/her full musical potential by providing individual attention with the focus based on the students learning needs, abilities and goals.

Vision :

NW Musikon is committed to enrich the lives of students of all ages and cultures with a lifelong appreciation and enjoyment of music through passionate, professional,and multicultural instruction that inspires and fosters musical and artistic proficiency and creativity.

Mission :

  • To provide quality music education to individuals and assistance to neighboring schools.
  • To generate a dynamic learning environment that stimulates the highest standards of teaching, education and performance.
  • To educate, equip and inspire students to achieve their full musical  potential which will prepare them to gain admission to tertiary institutions and provide them the skills for lifelong enjoyment of music.
  • To serve the community by providing a musically and artistic enriched environment through development of a broader aesthetic appreciation for music and art through a schedule of concerts, Eisteddfods and related activities.
  • To develop and promote all forms of art.