Piano & Keyboard

Sandrie van Deventer

Specialization : Piano & Theory of Music

Mrs van Deventer joined NW Musikon in 2009 as a piano and theory teacher when the school was registered as a Departmental school.

Mrs van Deventer grew up in Vereeniging where she matriculated at Overvaal High school. Music was her passion and she obtained Unisa gr 8 – piano in her matric year under the guidance of Phyllis Bishoff. She furthered her studies at the North West University of Potchefstroom and completed her Higher Diploma in Education (cum laude) in 1991 – specializing in Afrikaans, instrumental music (piano and organ) and music theory. She taught at various schools in the country and acted as organist for several churches – where she was involved in conducting and training choirs.

In 2005 Mrs van Deventer relocated with her family to Klerksdorp where she joined ST Conrad’s College as Afrikaans and Arts and Culture teacher until 2009. During this period she was responsible for both school choir and musical activities – director of musicals and revues.

Her love for music called for a change and she was appointed as head of Department at NW Musikon. She passionately contributed towards the establishment of the school and was appointed by the School Governing Body as acting principal in January 2017.

In 2015 Mrs van Deventer delivered her piano recital for Trinity College of London and obtained the Licentiate diploma (LTCL). She also completed her Bed Honours degree (cum laude) in education management and law systems in July 2018.  

Mrs. van Deventer currently teaches piano to learners of  levels ranging from beginners to grade 8.

Annalize Pretorius

Specialization : Piano, Rock & Pop Keyboard

Specializing in piano, Mrs. Annalize Pretorius started her musical education at age 7. Under the expertise guidance of Eunece van Wyngaardt, Mrs. Joubert completed her Gr.6 in organ from the University of South Africa. The following year she completed her Gr. 8 in piano, also from UNISA.

Receiving master classes from virtuosi such as Richard Michaels (ABRSM Jazz Piano), Dr. Jetty van Rensburg (NWU) & Proff. Frank Henegan (Ireland), Mrs. Joubert went on to complete her Performers Licentiate in Piano from the Trinity College of Music.

In 2018 Mrs. Pretorius attended a workshop for Trinity Rockand Pop, presented by Brian Jackson. She further went on to participate in marimba workshop presented by Joan Lithgow and is currently the head of the Musikon’s Marimba program.

Mrs. Annalize Joubert has been a full-time member of the NW Musikon since 2008 and is responsible for piano, keyboard, music theory and marimba.

Riemke Pretorius

Specialization : Piano, Recorder & Theory of Music

After matriculating with music as a subject, Mrs Riemke Pretorius joined an A Capella choir under the capable hands of Elize Rautenbach. The choir went on to complete various National tours. She later joined the SUKOVS where she furthered her choral participation.

In 1985Mrs. Pretorius joined the SAPS. During this period she was not only a member of the Freestate Police orchestra, but also achieved the rank of Lieutenant-Colonel after completing a 3 year qualification from the Pantechnicon Africa.

Mrs.Pretorius’ love for music led her to complete her Bachelors of Musicology Degree from the University of South Africa. She further went on to complete her Post Graduate Certificate in Education from the University of the Free state. A qualification that saw Mrs. Pretorius teach a variety of school subjects, including music.

Mrs. Pretorius joined the NW Musikon in 2016.

Tamaryn Abbott

Specialization : Piano & Theory of Music

Spesialising in piano, Ms. Tamaryn Abbott began her music studies at the age of 8 under the tutelage of Magda Wilson. She obtained her Gr. 7 in piano and Gr. 6 in music theory from UNISA in 2015.

After matriculating with music as a school subject, Ms. Abbott began her Bachelor of Music degree during which she focused on musicology, music theory, piano methodology and practical performance. She furthered her piano studies under Dr Truida van der Walt and Dr Waldo Weyer, and participated in master classes from Pamela Mia Paul, David Jalbert, Carolina Oltmann and Susan Yondt. 

She completed her Bachelors of Music with distinction in 2019 and is currently studying towards her Post Graduate Certificate in Education. Ms. Abbott joined the Musikon in 2019.