Contemporary Instruments

The Contemporary Instruments

Contemporary music contains a wide variety of sounds, but the instrumentation of a band usually follows a set pattern.

The rhythm section is responsible for creating the beat that propels the song. The typical rock rhythm section consists of drums, bass guitar, and a rhythm guitar. The focus of the rhythm section is to drive the song and keep a steady tempo so the lead instruments and vocals can play the melody.

The solo section can be considered equally important, as this section is responsible for those memorable guitar solos and heartwarming vocal melodies. The solo section will contain the lead guitar, often electric, and a vocal soloist.

Lastly, we have the keyboard or typically referred to as “keys”. This section can provide an extra layer of sound and adds a special level of depth to any band. You need only think of the opening of Journey’s famous “Don’t Stop Believing” to realize what “keys” can add to a song.

Contemporary Instruments

  • Electric Guitar / Acoustic Guitar
  • Electric Bass Guitar
  • Drumkit
  • Vocals
  • Electronic Keyboard