The Claviature Family

Bartolomeo de Francesco Cristofori is credited with having invented the piano in 1700. Cristofori’s piano had hammers that struck the strings by falling by momentum, after having been moved by the action parts linking the hammers to the keys. The hammers were caught by back checks or hammer checks to keep them from bouncing up and down on the strings after the initial strike. This method allowed the strings to continue to vibrate and make sound and for them to be struck loudly or softly, unlike the harpsichord.

Today, the modern piano has become the cornerstone of many genres of music, as its versatility allows it be used in both classical music, right through to pop music. Some of the most sought after pianos are those produced by the acclaimed Steinway & Sons.

With the technology ever expanding, the electronic keyboard was developed as a more portable approach to the classic piano. Today these instruments offer features and function that Christofori could not have dreamed off in his wildest imagination.

Claviature Instruments

  • Piano
  • Electronic Keyboard
  • Organ